Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've started working again on a project that I started a couple of months ago that has been sitting in it's folder waiting to be finished. I created a character named Skaa-Di who is an ice sorceress of sorts. Sounds like something that's been done frequently and done well, so I decided to put a spin on her. She's become corrupted by her own power and the ice has began to consume her to the point where she's practically living ice. Her skin has turned an icy blue and ice began to form within her as she used her power. Eventually, these magically infused icicles started to rip out from within, jutting out of her head and arms. Sure it's painful, but it really gave her form a very unique shape and it only proved to enhance her story and character.

I worked through many stages of her development in the digital painting as you can see from the picture. The steps read chronologically from left to right in both the 2d painting (top) and the 3d model work (bottom). The low-poly model needs some tweaking still and the sculp I've been working on in Mudbox. It's about 90% complete also so progress will be up soon.. I can't wait to start painting her texture.

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