Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pirate paintin

We have a new art blog at work and the 1st challenge was for us to make ourselves pirates.. Here's my entry. I like rum.


Jim said...

that's rad, dude. looks just like you, too, as far as i can remember (it's jim dodds from lakota high school art class we had with douchebag stewart). what did yo use to create it? is it all digital? that hammer/pick thing looks like it'd do some damage.

Kwame' Babb said...

Hey Jim!! Thanks and appreciate the comment! Yeah man, it's all digital. I waffled on a bit with some of the elements, but just decided to go with the large hammer to make my pirate a bit more fantasy-like. Glad it looks like me too haha, that's certainly a relief to hear.