Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New inspiration from my friends in Denver!!

During my trip to Denver I got to see what my best friend was getting in to out there (HOLA KIT!!). Tribaltique!! I only got to see two performances but they were beautiful, mystical, and downright entertaining performances that I can't wait to see another of. Tribaltique is a dance movement that was created by her ridiculously talented teacher and roommate, Julia DiVerdi, and another extremely talented dancer and really cool (and catty ;)woman named Molly McClellan. Together they teach classes and perform around the Denver/Ft. Collins area of Colorado. Did I mention they were fun as hell to hang out with too?? Can't wait to get back to Denver!

Those talented ladies plus the drive to hang some of my own art on my walls has me working on a new painting.. I've only got this week left to finish it, so I'll update the progress as it happens.

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