Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stargate Worlds

Not only are the Stargate series (both SG1 and Atlantis) some of my favorite television, but the game is set to go into closed beta this month!! I'm excited for this game for multiple reasons, the easy one being that I'm a MASSIVE fan of the show, lore, and characters. But the second is that Cheyenne Mountain (who's developing the game) is really working hard to incorporate the things from the show that REALLY make the characters, experiences, encounters, and tribulations really interesting, and still focused on making a robust, exciting, and beautiful gaming experience. To think instead of walking up and shooting... PARDON ME clotheslining (that's really Teal'c's best move ;) an enemy, I can just pull a Daniel Jackson and subdue the enemy with an endless barrage of stream-of-conciousness babble, while somehow scoring the lady in the meantime....(The writers and many a fan had obvious nerd love for DJ. I am, and will forever stay a fan of Dr. Frasier...what a woman!)

This game could really bring the Stargate experience to a place where people could actually create their own experiences within a game world that's close to Stargate, what's not to like about that, right? Click on the artwork to check out the website.
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