Monday, July 5, 2010

New post, oooold artwork!

I've been looking for this work for quite a while.. Turns out it was lost in the depths of my backup hard drive along with some other stuff that I'd worked on years ago. Anyway, this was a mini-contest I did with some 3d folks on It was a challenge to create a character basemesh along with 3 armor sets; each that could be interpreted as upgrades to the previous.

I went with an Persian/Egyptian theme to my character and armor and based on looking at my reference images, found inspiration and information from Final Fantasy XI's intricate armor designs, Prince of Persia's theme and cultural influence, some concept art from Age of Conan, and WoW's character creation because of their low polycount. We also had a geometry limit of 4500 tri's which I was just under. I used diffuse, spec, and alpha maps (where necessary) for this, all textures 512x512. Modeled in sweet, sweet 3ds Max (8 I believe), and textured using Adobe Photoshop.

Here are the final shots, along with the concept art, texture thumbnails, and wireframes with tri-count.

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