Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dark Manor Environment - Fun With BSP! Layout update #1

Man it feels good to get back into UDK.

I started out here by layout the basic wall shapes for the front graveyard, courtyard, and manor with BSP. I also added terrain to help figure out a bit about the hill that the manor sits on. Lighting is just a directional light to help seen the terrain form and poke out those window shapes.

The graveyard is meant to have a couple of sheds, outer walls, a gate that will lead into the courtyard, and LOTS of gravestones of course. I laid out some of those here and will probably place some lampposts here to provide the creepy lighting and to reinforce the path through and to the courtyard.

The courtyard is in between and currently doesn't have too much happening yet. I blocked in the statue (which currently is just a couple of cylinders) and worked on the surrounding terrain to get a shape that I liked.

The Manor itself has much to figure out, but I began with the basic outer shape and made sure the size felt decent. Then I began to add in some details for entrances, stairs, and windows on the front face of the building. The Main Hall stairs inside was important to figure out a good height for the 2nd floor, then I went onto adding some shapes that will create the outer hallways on the 1st and 2nd floors.

More to come!

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