Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dark Manor environment - It begins

I've managed to stir up enough energy and motivation to spend the few hours of free time each night planning this new project. It's a new take on an old love that I never did justice so I'm VERY excited to get goin.

I'm planning on this being pretty creepy, so I've done a lot of digging for cool images of cemeteries, old mansions, all while replaying Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, which had one of my all time favorite creepy gamine experiences, the Ocean Manor quest. I highly suggest playing this if you haven't.

Anyway, I've begun on the rough layout for the environment. The cemetery/garden area is the main front area and this is where the player will start. The manor will be looming and hazy in the distance, raised up on a hill from the grounds, maybe with a nice full moon draped over its gables.

The last image is the beginnings of that layout. Looking at it again, I may need to alter the size of the front grounds in relation to the manor itself. Also the manor will need to be cut into 2 images so the 2nd floor is seen on its own. Right now I've drawn both floor on top of each other. Just thinking through some interior ideas as I brainstorm there.

More to come!

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